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We’re thrilled to introduce you to Exsertus – a custom software company that champions a straightforward, transparent, and adaptable approach in everything they do: from app development for clients to building a thriving team culture.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes them stand out!

Who is Exsertus?

Founded in 2008, Exsertus is a dynamic software development company specializing in the end-to-end delivery of future-proof, cloud-based applications, based on Microsoft .Net Framework and related technologies. While primarily focused on web applications, the dynamic team of software consultants also builds and manages desktop and mobile applications for both private and public sector clients.

Bart Schuddinck, Managing Partner of Exsertus

Leveraging their expertise in the business and administrative contexts of web applications, they place significant emphasis on logic and backend development. While UX/UI design is not their main focus, Exsertus ensures it remains user-friendly. Because that’s what end-to-end is all about, right?

What characterizes Exsertus?

People who enjoy their jobs tend to produce the best work, and Exsertus stands as living proof of this. They’re all about bringing together a group of enthusiastic tech-savvy people in a fun, relaxed environment. Just look at their team-building activities and regular company updates – they’re the perfect examples of this commitment to fostering a strong community and keeping everyone in the loop!

On top of that, managing partners Bart and Wouter value transparency and openness, ensuring that both employees and clients feel heard and valued. Exsertus’ flat organizational structure breaks down barriers, promoting constant communication and eliminating the need for traditional Personal Development Plans.

Exsertus at Hack the Future

Can I check their work?

You can find their latest case here on our website.

What holds the future?

In the coming years, the company aims to continue drawing upon their experience to offer clients custom software solutions through hands-on, tailored consulting. By addressing each client’s unique needs, Exsertus will maintain their momentum of success while strengthening their role as a key industry player.

Check out Exsertus

To stay in the loop about the fantastic work Exsertus is doing, make sure to follow them on their website and social media platforms. You’ll find regular updates, useful insights, and a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their success story.

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