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What if your AI company is a restaurant?

In the first Bluu Bookclub, we’ll focus on the possibilities of artificial intelligence for companies. Next to discussing the book “All in on AI: how smart companies win big with artificial intelligence” and a talk by MbarQ, we’ll enjoy some valuable insights from Mieke De Ketelaere. And in that light, she already gives us an interesting view on companies starting out with AI. Because, in her opinion, they are not so different from restaurants.

What if your AI company is a restaurant?

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We’re part of De Cronos Groep, a network organization, a catalyst in translating new technologies into business solutions and an early stage investor or incubator of innovation.

That’s why we have values that are unmistakingly linked to those of Cronos, such as innovative entrepreneurship, expertise and teaming. When you’re an entrepreneur within De Cronos Groep, you either start your own business or you bring together different teams.

We did the latter.

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Definitely! If you showcase the right entrepreneurial spirit, share our values and want to be part of an ecosystem of like-minded entrepreneurs. We make sure you can focus on your core idea by supporting you with administration, HR, marketing and recruitment. 

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