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Companies need to become flexible when they want to adapt to new technologies.

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Infinite business = (agile * intelligent * digitized) trust

In a world driven by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), we guide our customers to achieving infinite business. We support them in building a resilient and futureproof organization. 

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What if your AI company is a restaurant?

In the first Bluu Bookclub, we’ll focus on the possibilities of artificial intelligence for companies. Next to discussing the book “All in on AI: how smart companies win big with artificial intelligence” and a talk by MbarQ, we’ll enjoy some valuable insights from Mieke De Ketelaere. And in that light, she already gives us an interesting view on companies starting out with AI. Because, in her opinion, they are not so different from restaurants.

What if your AI company is a restaurant?
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