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45 Degrees

A club of Cloud Architects and Engineers guiding you to digital transformation.

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45 Degrees

In June, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on 45 Degrees, a company dedicated to
transforming enterprise IT departments into cloud-driven or hybrid IT service
organizations. But who exactly is our new team of the month? Let’s delve into their
world and discover what makes them stand out!

Who is 45 Degrees?

Founded in 2019, 45 Degrees helps organizations navigate the complex waters of digital transformation by means of – amongst others – hybrid and cloud technology. Their expert guidance and tailored solutions span six key service areas: Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Engineering, Hybrid/Cloud Program Management, Hybrid Service Delivery Management, and FinOps.

Diederik, Managing Partner of 45 Degrees

Guided by the expertise of managing partner Diederik Wyffels, the team has crafted their unique interpretation of IT as a service. By integrating cloud adoption frameworks from acclaimed industry leaders, their ITaaS approach is versatile yet structured, providing customers with both adaptability and stability.

What characterizes 45 Degrees?

Even though 45 Degrees is a committed digital journey partner for enterprise customers,  they believe cloud adoption is as much about people as it is about technical matters. Just look at the website feature ‘Life at 45 Degrees’, which reflects this promise from A to Z with regard to their own club of architects and engineers. 

Their 2024 calendar project is another example of this dedication in action. Through 12 immersive stories packed with metaphors, 45 Degrees presents the future of IT in an enterprise environment in a relatable and engaging manner. Now that’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Can I check their work?

Wondering how to tackle IT challenges in large companies? Uncover a world of innovative solutions with the 45 Degrees calendar! Each month reveals a fascinating IT scenario through immersive stories and real-world concepts. Ready to embark on this enlightening journey? Dive into the calendar and the short stories at https://2024.45degrees.be/

What holds the future?

45 Degrees is making waves, surfing on no less than 5 open job positions. New team members are particularly excited about the company’s forward-thinking mindset. They praise the company for its proactive approach in embracing new technologies, which ensures they stay competitive in the industry.

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