Mr. Watts

Mr. Watts

Empowering better decision-making by combining data with smart technology. How exactly? With Digital Twins.

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Mr. Watts

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Who is Mr. Watts?

Mr. Watts was founded in 2019 by Wouter Martens and Niels Leunen as a spin-off of the digital agency icapps, where both worked for over 10 years. Initially, they set out to specialize in Mixed reality solutions for HoloLens – with great success!

Managing Partner Mr. Watts - Wouter Martens

But evolving together with innovative technologies, Mr. Watts took a shift toward creating Digital Twins. These virtual replicas can be built from anything you can imagine, but work best if that something has a bunch of data to analyze and predict. 😉

Check out what Digital Twins are on their blog!

What characterizes Mr. Watts?

Next to being a fairly young company, with a huge growth mindset, the Mr. Watts team stands for high-quality delivery and doing that in a people-centric way.

Not only in their tailored solutions but also for their own people. Equal voice, psychological safety and corporate responsibility are valued highly. Mr. Watts people go the extra mile, in their work, for each other and in having fun. 😉

“We make it our priority to create an enjoyable and inclusive workplace, driven by our values.”

Can I check their work?

Well, yes of course! One of Mr. Watts’ coolest project, is a virtual version of an enormous offshore vessel. For DEME, the leading player in the offshore wind industry, they created a Digital Twin for the Orion, their largest groundbreaking vessel. Read the full story here.

What holds the future?

Innovation! Just kidding. (No we’re not.)

The power of Digital Twins has just reached the surface, especially with (generative) AI boosting. The combination is forceful. Numerous companies can benefit from a Digital Twin system, the possibilities are endless. Mr. Watts wants to be the go-to partner in building exceptional Digital Twin solutions, that actually help people and organizations. They’re not innovating just for the fun of it, they want to make a substantial impact.

Check out Mr. Watts

Curious to see Digital Twins rise to world domination? Or just interested in seeing more of Mr. Watts’ work? Then check out their hard work/play on:

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What are Digital Twins and why should u use it?

Today we introduce Mr. Watts, part of our BluuCrew and specialized in Digital Twins. But what are they? And how can you use them to make your organization run more efficiently? Let’s take a look at this innovative concept to get acquainted with it!

What are Digital Twins and why should u use it?

Mr. Watts builds digital twin for DEME’s largest offshore vessel

DEME, a leading player in the offshore wind industry, was looking for a partner to develop a digital twin of their largest groundbreaking vessel, the Orion.

Mr. Watts builds digital twin for DEME’s largest offshore vessel
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