What are Digital Twins and why should u use it?

Today we introduce Mr. Watts, part of our BluuCrew and specialized in Digital Twins. But what are they? And how can you use them to make your organization run more efficiently? Let’s take a look at this innovative concept to get acquainted with it!
What are Digital Twins and why should u use it?

What are Digital Twins and why should u use it?

What are Digital Twins?

Digital Twins are virtual replicas of an object, a process, an asset, etc… Basically, anything in the real world. It can be anything from small objects (a robot arm for instance) to large ecosystems (the entire port of Antwerp), as well as even people.

Digital Twins use real-time data, so they behave as real versions.

Additionally, they are augmented with machine learning, predictive analysis or other AI technologies.

Digital Twins are not mere technology; they represent a concept, leveraging data in an intelligent way and empowering businesses in better decision-making.

How to make Digital Twins? 

Mr. Watts follows several steps or phases in their Digital Twin developments:

  1. Collect: Real-time data collection by Internet of Things sensors, APIs, 3D images, etc.
  2. Connect: Integration of data to build the Digital Twin.
  3. Replicate: Creation of a behavioral model based on historical and real-time data.
  4. Empower: Addition of AI-driven analysis for profound insights.
  5. Decide: Informed decision-making based on gained insights.

Why should u use Digital Twins?

Okay, so it sounds pretty innovative – but why should you use it in your company?

  • Make your decisions based on data that comes from accurate and real-time simulations.
  • Thanks to these simulations, you gain deep and valuable insights into what processes cause trouble, what behavior doesn’t run smoothly or how to manage and organize your supply chain.
  • Real-time simulations offer the chance to run different scenarios, making it more flexible to make decisions in unforeseen circumstances. You can already simulate possible treats beforehand and act accordingly.

Digital twinning is winning

Mr. Watts already has tons of experience to show you what Digital Twins can mean for your organization!

  • A digital twin for DEME’s largest offshore vessel. Read the story here.
  • A fully interactive virtual representation of Stäubli’s industrial robot, the TX2-60L. Read the story here.
  • For Hooyberghs construction company, Mr. Watts build a Digital Twin solution that enables BIM models to be visualized at real scale on top of and perfectly aligned with their 70 sites across Belgium. Read the story here.
  • For car distributor D’Iederen, they created a Digital Twin of the complete parking lot. Combined with an industry smartglasses device and an integrated GPS chip, this ‘virtual clone’  delivers a precise wayfinding solution.

You can see how Digital Twins offer limitless possibilities and transform industries and their decision-making processes. By harnessing real-time data and advanced technologies, businesses can navigate complexities, make data-driven choices, and optimize their operations, ultimately revolutionizing how we interact with the world.

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