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A digital ecosystem and a Cronos Group of companies. And as a community of entrepreneurs focused on bringing new technologies and their business opportunities together, we gladly highlight our BluuCrew. Because each different team has its individual expertise that helps our clients become digitally more resilient. Therefore we introduce you to MbarQ as our Team of The Month in September. Their mission? Making your organization operate more efficiently using data, Generative AI and Microsoft Technology!

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Before we spoil everything in the intro.

Who is MbarQ?

MbarQ was founded in 2022 by Stefan Schoonbrood and Erik Klewais, both of whom have profound expertise in the field of artificial intelligence.

With Generative AI democratizing AI solutions to a bigger public, they decided to use this knowledge to
start a new company.

Now that Generative AI is available in everyone’s browser, it’s their mission to make (Generative) AI more feasible and scalable. Considering the endless possibilities of the technology, they sincerely believe that Generative AI can improve every operational process in your organization. And that’s what they’re out to prove on a daily basis. In order to do that, they rely on Microsoft Technology and an enthusiastic, warm and dynamic team of about ten people in the first year after they founded MbarQ.

So get to know them and witness them from the start as they take over the world one prompt at a time!

What characterizes MbarQ?

MbarQ is an incredibly dynamic company. And it shows! Working together with them can easily be described as energetic and ambitious. Besides recruiting around ten new colleagues in their first year, they are working on several projects for a number of clients. Simply by proactively proposing new and efficient ways of organizing work, they managed to start cooperating with a few of their clients. 

MbarQ aspires to be your partner in transformation. There’s no point in goofing around with ChatGPT or Midjourney for the fun of it. Instead, use its limitless potential to automate business processes and change the way your company works. To spread this idea and share their knowledge with regard to Generative AI, Stefan, Erik, and their colleagues often teach guest lectures, organize webinars or speak at conferences. From a thought leader perspective, they’re definitely on a mission.

Team of MbarQ

What holds the future?

Stefan and Erik are very ambitious about and confident in a future in which companies are organized more efficiently by means of Generative AI. So embark on this journey and welcome MbarQ as your strategic transformation partner as they’re out to become the go-to Generative AI partner in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Check out MbarQ

If you’re interested in the core belief that the future is AI, then you should definitely keep an eye on MbarQ. Check out their progress on:

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Team of the month: MbarQ

We introduce you to MbarQ. Our Team of The Month in September. Their mission? Make your organization operate more efficiently using data, Generative AI, and Microsoft Technology!

Read on.

Team of the month: MbarQ
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