Team of the month: Luza Tecnologia

This month, we are thrilled to present Luza Tecnologia as our Team of the Month! A powerhouse in Microsoft technology, Luza provides digital innovation solutions for organizations big and small. But who is this Portuguese gem and what do they represent? Let's dive right in!
Team of the month: Luza Tecnologia

Team of the month: Luza Tecnologia

We’re Bluu, a digital ecosystem and proud member of the Cronos Group of companies. As a community of entrepreneurs dedicated to merging new technologies with business opportunities, we’re thrilled to showcase our talented BluuCrew. Each team brings its unique expertise to help our clients build digital resilience.

This May, we’re excited to introduce the superstars at Luza Tecnologia as our Team of the Month. Their secret weapon? Custom Microsoft solutions through Team as a Service to kick complex business challenges to the curb.

Curious to learn more?
Dive into the world of Luza Tecnologia and discover their innovative approach to digital transformation.

Who is Luza Tecnologia?

Established in 2022 as a 100% Microsoft-focused partner within De Cronos Groep, Luza Tecnologia offers Team as a Service (TaaS), with Nelson Tavares da Silva and Rita Herédia Cordovil serving as the managing partners. Embracing a mission to become the essential digital team their clients never knew they needed, Luza is driven by values of collaboration, differentiation, and innovation.

By forming partnerships that create synergistic relationships, Luza Tecnologia cultivates a shared ambition for growth with their clients.

Nelson Tavares da Silva

Luza’s end-to-end solutions and dedicated teams demonstrate a keen understanding of their clients’ business needs. By prioritizing productivity and efficiency, the company helps clients focus on what matters most: running their core businesses with confidence and ease.

Prepare to be impressed by the incredible impact that this Portuguese powerhouse is making across Europe!

What characterizes Luza?

Luza Tecnologia, while rooted in technology, was born from a people-centric philosophy. The name “Luza” pays homage to Portugal’s diverse history and the Lusitanian tribes, symbolizing the belief that a society’s strength lies in its diversity – a principle that guides the company’s values and culture.

The company values flexibility, remote work and hybrid models that aim to acknowledge and show appreciation for everyone’s contribution. This focus on people is at the core of what Luza symbolizes, fostering personal development and growth.

And it’s a known fact, Luza values their employees and their commitment to bringing the company’s purpose to life.

What holds the future?

There is something very important to note about Luza Tecnologia, and it is their strong sense of social responsibility. They not only follow the basic rules but also make this value an integral part of what they do. Now, as they increase their corporate sustainability actions, it becomes clear how much focus they put on creating good changes in society while continuing to run a thriving business during challenging times. 

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