Partnering for success: InBluu & Luza Tecnologia Portugal

Luza Tecnologia, established in 2022 as a 100% Microsoft-focused partner within De Cronos Groep, offers Team as a Service (TaaS). This company wants to become the digital team their clients never had! Driven by values of collaboration, differentiation, and innovation, Luza helped InBluu overcome challenges in finding compatible IT professionals. 
Partnering for success: InBluu & Luza Tecnologia Portugal

Partnering for success: InBluu & Luza Tecnologia Portugal

Luza Tecnologia, a Portuguese company within the Cronos Group, specializes in delivering innovative digital solutions for organizations of all sizes. As a tech company focused on Microsoft solutions, Luza provides tailored teams to tackle complex business challenges effectively.

Luza x InBluu

Luza Tecnologia, with its strong foundation in technology and people-centric approach, demonstrates a deep understanding of client needs through dedicated teams and comprehensive solutions. By emphasizing efficiency and productivity, the company helps businesses thrive and operate with confidence and ease, as seen in their collaboration with InBluu.

InBluu is a Microsoft cloud solutions provider catering to clients across Europe and North America. They faced challenges in finding compatible IT talent, and was looking for a reliable partner with top-notch, culturally compatible Microsoft experts to support their growing needs.

Here’s why they chose Luza:

  • Strategic European location
  • Microsoft cloud technology focus
  • Skilled professional database
  • Flexible contracts
  • Agile, multilingual leadership
  • Lower costs and risks than hiring or outsourcing

Our collaboration with Luza Tecnologia gives us access to skilled and experienced “professionals who seamlessly integrate into our customer teams or handle individual assignments. This partnership fosters a trusted and connected team that understands our processes, allowing us to deliver instant results to our clients with flexibility. We can now scale our team based on end customer needs without the burden of extensive commitments or unnecessary hassle.”

Jan Brouwer, Managing Partner InBluu

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