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MbarQ believes in a fundamental new way of doing AI. Many organizations today are still struggling in truly scaling AI across the company. As a result, the true potential of smart data solutions is often untapped. MbarQ has a mission to bring business & AI technology together to achieve truly transformational results.  

We believe that digital transformation cannot be done without AI. With your help, we embark on a journey to guide our clients in the right direction. 

What is an AI translator?

An AI translator is many things:

  • Someone who is social, empathetic and great at reading the message between the lines.
  • Someone who can bridge the gap between practical business needs and technical solutions.
  • Someone who speaks AI just as fluently as they speak human.
  • Someone who can bring structure to a project, communicates well, and can make sure things get done in time.

In more common terms, you would call them a mix of an, business analyst, AI specialist, project manager, and a little “je ne sais quoi”. That title is a bit too long though, so we prefer the term AI translator.

Does that sound like you? Awesome, please read on!

Key tasks & Responsibilities

  • Taking part in inspirational pitches

    Here you will talk about all the possibilities of AI, listen to the needs and wants of your client, and look for AI opportunities that create value. Given that most of our clients our Dutch-speaking, a profound knowledge of Dutch is a must.

  • Organize workshops and interviews with business managers and employees on-site

    You will be diving deep into the reality of your client to discover important chances for enhancing their business, products, or processes using AI. You analyze the findings and translate them into a tangible plan.

  • Managing projects from start to finish.

    You are present during the entire development process. While your other MbarQ colleagues take care of the technical aspect, you will make sure they have everything they need to do their jobs, while at the same time keeping an eye on the bigger picture. That also means making sure all stakeholders are involved in every step of the project. And yes, that includes the celebrating part as well.

  • Keeping your knowledge of generative AI up-to-date

    The world of AI is evolving FAST. Choosing for a job in AI, is choosing to keep learning new things on a daily basis.

  • Organize and give trainings

    We’re on a mission to get every one of our clients aboard the AI train, and that requires knowing the basics. Once you’ve had some time on the job, you will be sharing your AI (translator) knowledge and enthusiasm with the world (or at least with our clients).

The job is super varied, and it’s all about people. It is about understanding their needs, and translating that into an intelligent solution that works for them. An AI translator remains present during the entire development process, just to make sure things do not get lost in translation.

Why MbarQ?
  • We combine the flexibility & joy-of-work of a start-up with the professionalism & job security of the largest IT-provider (Cronos) in Belgium. It is a unique experience that we are more than happy to indulge you in. 
  • We offer you a fast-growing start-up where innovation & entrepreneurship are encouraged. You can make an impact on our future journey. 
  • We care about you and want to grow with you. Together, we work on a personalized development plan to strengthen your soft & hard skills.  
  • Backed by Cronos, we offer you an attractive salary including extralegal offers. 

Do you believe in our mission to bring business & AI together? If so, embark on our journey! 

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