Silke Brusselmans

AI Translator

I am Silke, 32 years old and I would describe myself as creative and enthusiastic.
Silke Brusselmans

Silke Brusselmans

Tell us more about yourself.

I am Silke, 32 years old and I would describe myself as creative and enthusiastic. I love being outdoors to disconnect from technology and charge my mental battery.

I studied Psychology in Brussels, but it wasn’t an easy direction to choose. I have so many interests and I found it a very important choice to make. In the end, I went for something I’ve always found fascinating: people. To me, people are extremely interesting, surprising and weird. Halfway through my studies I realized that in the field of Psychology, people are often labeled and put in a pigeonhole. That bothered me because I strongly believe in the individual approach of people. By labeling them, you take away part of their uniqueness. So I pulled away from the clinical side of it and focused more on Work and Organizational Psychology. This way, I could have an impact on helping people find happiness in their job – as we spend an enormous amount of time of our waking life at work.

That’s exactly what I focused on in the beginning of my career – and what has guided me ever since: the pursuit of happiness. It doesn’t mean being happy all the time. It’s being content with who you are and what you do. Within my job I always try to have a coaching and supporting attitude towards others.

What brought you to MbarQ?

In short: Simon is an old colleague and a friend of mine. During a friend’s dinner, I told him I was thinking of changing jobs. He said MbarQ happened to look for someone just like me; 3 days later I had an interview! The vibe during that interview is what really pulled me in. The way MbarQ interacts with their team, their vision and helpfulness, their enthusiasm, it’s just infectious. Everyone in the team is very committed and willing to make something succeed. To me, such a mindset is priceless. And so two weeks later, I signed for my new job at MbarQ!

You’re an AI translator. What does that mean?  

How I look at it: translating business needs into IT solutions. Preferably AI and data solutions of course, since it’s our core business. It’s a combination of business analysis, account management and project management. It’s understanding what your client needs, and providing a solution that works for them.

“It’s understanding what your client needs, and providing a solution that works for them.”

Silke Brusselmans, AI Translator

What’s the biggest challenge of your job?

At the moment, most of my job is learning (laughs). I’ve worked as a project manager for 5 years, but never on pure data projects. So the biggest challenge for me is figuring out all the professional terminology of AI, data science and engineering. I also started on a project after only two days on the job. But I love it: it’s an interesting and pleasant challenge. I’m currently like a sponge: absorbing as much information as I can!

MbarQ is a start-up, what are your thoughts on that?

It’s awesome! There’s less structure than in bigger companies where I’ve worked before. On the one hand it results in the occasional chaos, on the other hand it provides a lot of room to create new possibilities.

Every one of us looks for possible optimizations and contributes in their own way. The entire MbarQ team is filled with enthusiastic and passionate people – more than often our half-hour-meetings go into overtime because there are simply too many ideas. (laughs). The fact that you are part of that thought process is just really cool.

“The entire MbarQ team is filled with enthusiastic and passionate people – more than often our half-hour-meetings go into overtime because there are simply too many ideas. (laughs)”

Silke Brusselmans, AI Translator

Why should someone choose MbarQ? 

They are who they say they are. It may sound like a cliche sales pitch, but they really are as passionate as they portray. I think they even dream about AI solutions – I just hope they aren’t scary dreams.

All jokes aside: my coworkers firmly believe in an AI future. Everyone also wears the same “business glasses” and thinks in business-oriented AI solutions.  So if that is what you want, then MbarQ is a great partner to have alongside the journey there.

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