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MbarQ believes in a fundamental new way of doing AI. Many organizations today are still struggling in truly scaling AI across the company. As a result, the true potential of smart data solutions is often untapped. MbarQ has a mission to bring business & AI technology together to achieve truly transformational results.  

MbarQ is a start-up that is part of the Bluu ecosystem, a Cronos cluster of companies. Bluu is a vibrant community of companies & start-ups all active in the area of digital transformation.  

We believe that digital transformation cannot be done without AI. With your help, we embark on a journey to guide our clients in the right direction. 

What will you do? 

You ‘let the data speak’. I.e. you grab the data, explore & analyze it and prototype insights in order to amaze people on what is feasible to achieve. From data exploration to training AI models to visualization techniques, you are able to deploy the most suited set of techniques, given the context.  

Clearly, you don’t stop at prototyping. You understand that data cleaning, producing high quality and readable code and delivering well-trained, performant & unbiased algorithms are essential parts of your game.  

You take a pragmatic approach in developing your algorithms, i.e. reusing available algorithms/code when possible. You go as exotic as needed without overdoing it. The Microsoft Azure Suite is your playground. 

You work for our clients in a project/staffing setting. In a typical AI project you will collaborate with various profiles, such as project managers, AI translators, data engineers, other data scientists, ML engineers, AI architects, UX experts etc. You are eager to help out data engineers and ML engineers in producing data pipelines and converting ML algorithms to a production-ready state. It is a true team effort. 

You have attention for security, privacy and ethical aspects when building data solutions. 

The world of AI/machine learning/deep learning is fascinating. You like to stay up to date on this fast growing domain and share knowledge and have interesting discussions with your colleagues. As a senior you will also actively coach juniors in the field. 

Who would we like to join our team? 

  • You have advanced knowledge of AI in any or combination of following domains: advanced analytics / machine learning / deep learning / NLP 
  • You’re at ease with programming in Python 
  • You can work with notebook technology (e.g. Jupyter). 
  • You have an idea about the big data landscape of technologies 
  • Experience in Azure and related machine learning tools is a plus 
  • You are always eager to dive into new technologies, frameworks & latest developments on the frontier of AI.  
  • You have a pragmatic, analytics and solution oriented mindset.  
  • Making data insightful with clear dashboards is definitely a plus. 

What do we offer you? 

We combine the flexibility & joy-of-work of a start-up with the professionalism & job security of the largest IT-provider in belgium. It is a unique experience that we are more than happy to indulge you in. 

We offer you a fast-growing start-up where innovation & entrepreneurship are encouraged. You can make an impact on our future journey. 

We care about you and want to grow with you. Together, we work on a personalized development plan to strengthen your soft & hard skills.  

Backed by Cronos, we offer you an attractive salary including extralegal offers. 

Do you believe in our mission to bring business & AI together? If so, embark on our journey! 


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Hi, I'm Nathalie!

I'm in charge of recruitment at Bluu.

Do you have any questions? Any doubts about anything? Don't hesitate to contact me at nathalie.claeys@bluu.be. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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