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Building Industry

Digitalization is the new normal. And that also goes for the building industry. In the past few years, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been increasingly used to promote efficiency within this sector. It is a methodology that gets all parties aligned on the building design. And seeing a building design in all its facets and with all technologies sounds like something for augmented reality, right?

BIM: what and why?

The CAD plans that construction companies, stability engineers or architects use, are created according to the Building Information Model (BIM) process. It’s a structured working process to organize and improve the realization of construction projects, together with all parties involved. And there are a lot of parties! That’s why BIM plans contain a huge amount of information about things like pipes, techniques, materials, safety and so on. Besides sharing crucial information between all parties, the main advantage of BIM plans is probably the possibility of anticipating problems before the actual construction starts. Some studies show it results in 5 – 13% less construction errors, reducing work hours and costs at the same time. Needless to say, all modern construction companies are using the BIM methodology. But what if you could further revolutionize it?

From 3D computer models to buildings in the sky

Having a 3D CAD file in your computer is one thing. But what if you could just see the building float in the sky, let all parties make adjustments and add even more information to it? 

The Hololens is our answer! With a Hololens, different people can view the model in augmented reality and at the same time discuss and make adjustments that are immediately visible to all spectators carrying a Hololens. Be it on site or at other locations across the world.

How it works?

We build the construction model completely in 3D and visualize it on an iPad using augmented reality. Since most plans are already in 3D, it takes up less time than one would expect. Once the 3D model is ready to display, extra effects can be added such as lights, moving environments, trees, etc. Adjustments like these, and even more profound modifications, can easily be made to the digital model making it a beneficial tool for everyone involved.

So say goodbye to expensive physical models or confusing computer plans. Also: no more paper plans! By using the Hololens, construction foremen no longer need to drag along huge paper plans on the site but can easily view the most recent plan in front of them. 

Thanks to the Hololens, a construction plan can go from the first steps at the architect’s office, all the way to the construction workers on site.

Are you ready to revolutionize your construction site?

Demo https://vimeo.com/220622154

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